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Why use Deck Card Readings…

Deck Card Readings. Oracle Card Readings. Tarot Readings. More and more, people are gravitating to them. Some think it’s just a fun thing to do that has little merit. Others say they will predict for you and tell you what path to follow. But, really, the bottom line truth is that they allow you to […]

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How to focus & listen to your intuition

Is your intuition talking to you? Yes, Your’s! Everyone has it. It has several names: intuition, inner-guidance, gut-instinct, hunches etc. The difference between people who are ‘intuitive’ and those who are not is simple. Those who are intuitive have learned how to listen to their’s. It’s a teachable skill and as with all skills, some […]

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Which is better ~ Oracle or Tarot Cards ~ to get your answers?

What is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards? And, which is better to get answers and insights with? These questions were posed to me by someone I’ve been working with.To answer these questions one must first have a good understanding of each. So what IS the difference between Tarot Cards And Oracle Cards? […]

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7 Steps to Connect to Your Oracle Cards

So you found a deck of Oracle cards that you really resonate with. What now? To get the most of  self-readings, you must connect to your Oracle cards. By definition, Oracle is a medium through whom advice is asked. So, your Oracle Deck is divine tool that offers you guidance. As such, it needs to be […]

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What is an Oracle and how do oracle cards relate?

An Oracle. What is it? It’s defined as a medium through whom advice is sought from the gods. It’s often thought of as a person, (in ancient Greece a priestess and in other cultures a priest), through whom deity is believed to speak. Oracles offer answers to your thirst for knowing something in the future. […]

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