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How to Access Your Inner GPS

How to access your inner gps to discover living your truth and fully loving your life is within your reach and abilities!

Your soul whispers to you and beckons you to open up to all the possibilities before you. It calls you to live your best life possible. This requires you to make choices that are aligned with your own inner wisdom ~ that internal GPS that each and every one of us has. 



Discover Your Inner GPS by embracing Air, Water, Fire & Earth

Discover How To Access Your Inner GPS through the Power of Air, Water, Earth, Fire Share on X

Everyone needs support in discovering how to access your inner GPS. That support is right by your side every day. Air, water, earth, and fire surround us daily and these elements can be the compass to the calling of our hearts.

Choices are often clouded by inaccurate thought and emotions that do not serve us. They are made by your emotional self or they are made when you are not centered or strong. When this happens, choices are not made for your highest good from your own inner wisdom. You are unable to listen to Your Inner GPS.

Your inner wisdom can be heard when there is no chaotic thinking, when emotions are soft and when you are grounded. Your inner soul, your spirit, speaks quietly. Opening up to this inner wisdom allows you to hear it calling and find the courage to follow it forward.  And this is easier than you might think. This is when you can easily access your inner GPS.

It’s easy to make choices based on our own inner wisdom when you embrace the elements. By understanding these elements and using them, this is how to access your inner gps.

These elements all correlate to a part of our physical being. Each has a specific role. Air correlates with your thinking. Water represents your emotional self. Your physical self can be seen in the earth element and Fire embraces your spirit.

Balancing these parts of you with the associated element can help you tame your thoughts, calm your emotions and center

Using these 4 elements is the secret to discovering how to Access Your Inner GPS.

Connecting to AIR is connecting to the spirit of mental clarity, freedom, perception and communication. The mental component that is you is the part that has the ability to analyze and evaluate. It is that part of you that does the critical thinking. Using the element of air to clear out the cobwebs in your head is just a breath of fresh air away.

When your mind is thinking too quickly, when thoughts are jumbled and clarity is far way, focusing on the spirit of air will help calm the chaos. By sitting still, taking a few good deep cleansing breaths, your mind will ease. You quickly begin to calm all the thought chaotic thought patterns. You are activating the spirit of air that dwells within you and around you. It helps you clear the mental process so that your choices come from within.

Use the element of WATER if your emotions are beginning to carry you away, focusing on the spirit of water can help navigate you to better choices.

Emotions can always get the better of us. We are emotional beings after all. However, you are not your emotions. They are a part of you but do not define who you are or the path you should follow. Choices should not be made when emotions have the best of us.

The element of water is soothing, cleansing and healing. It allows you to calm your emotions quickly and easily. Have you ever washed your face with cool water after a good cry? It calms you down and allows you to take a deep breath and get back to a center of being. Using water in this way supports your ability to make confident choices after it has soothed your emotions.

Air. Water. Earth. Fire. Which do you connect to the most? This may explain why and how to use each to support yourself Living Your Truth & Fully Loving Your Life. Share on X

air, earth, water fire

The element of EARTH is about wisdom, integration, connected-ness and balance. The earth and everything on it lives in balance and connection. Without it, it falters. Have you lost a sense of connectedness? Do you feel integrated with all that is around you? It is by using the spirit of earth that you can transform into what your soul’s desire is.

If you are feeling off balance, if you are in need of re-connecting with your own strength and your own beauty, using the element of earth can bring that sense of integration back to you. It is in this place of connecting to earth, to trees, to rocks and more that choices become clear and decisions become easy. For it is in this place of strength and support, you have the ability to listen to your own inner wisdom.

FIRE symbolizes the spiritual aspect of self. Fire is pure energy and carries with it a spark and zest for life. It is a strong element as it can maintain life or it can destroy it. It is your life force.

When your spirits are low or depleted, it is hard to uncover what your truest desires are. How can you live a more authentic and inspired life when this energy is low? Allowing the spirit of fire to come into your life at these times allows you to become more connected with your calling and hearing the wisdom of your soul.

The ultimate symbol of the element of fire is, of course, the sun. It ignites your spirit and energy in a way nothing else can. Imagine its energy being instilled into all the cells of your being. It will lift your spirits.. It will shine its energy on your inner wisdom so that it will speak to you with great energy. It is here that clear choices in alignment with your purpose can be made.

When you learn how to access your inner GPS, you are able to lead a life of more clarity, confidence and courage.

Your choices are made in alignment with who you are at the core. When you learn how to access your inner GPS, you are able to lead a life of more clarity, confidence and courage. Your choices are made in alignment with who you are at the core. 

The four elements are tools that you can use to make choices that bring you further along the path of an inspired and purposeful life. Each element, air, water, earth and fire, has a specific and unique correlation with various aspects of self. Each can offer the assistance you need in quickly quieting down energies that do not serve you so that you can hear your inner wisdom.

In order to live a more inspired life, one full of joy and abundance, it is imperative that the choices you make are based on your own inner gps.  

When you have to access your inner gps, look to the elements for support. Grab a breath of fresh air, wash your face, hug a tree or light a candle. Your inner wisdom will come alive and speak volumes to you. Your next best step becomes clear and you will become more inspired, step into living your truth more purposefully and be able to follow your heart’s desires!



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Which Element do You Connect with the  Most and why? Let me know below! 

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