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Soul-Wise Living

How to Have Great Insights

Do you ever wonder why things unfold as they do? Do you ever wonder why the discoveries you make come at a certain point in your life? Have you ever EVER said to yourself Why Now?  Typically, we will say that to ourselves at a time of frustration and challenge. Have you ever asked yourself […]

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How to PICK an oracle card

So, you’ve purchased an oracle card deck and you’ve consecrated it. Now, it’s time to actually use the deck. It can not give you guidance unless you pick the actual cards!!!!! Many of my clients get hung up on which card do I pick? How to pick an oracle card really is a matter of […]

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How Connecting with my Essence gave me Clarity today…

Essence…. Before you can do anything well, you need to know the essence of it- you need to be clear and understand it. If you are trying to play baseball, you need to understand the rules of the game ~ it’s essence. If you are trying to get more clients in your practice, you need […]

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