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Which is better ~ Oracle or Tarot Cards ~ to get your answers?

What is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards? And, which is better to get answers and insights with? These questions were posed to me by someone I’ve been working with.To answer these questions one must first have a good understanding of each.

So what IS the difference between Tarot Cards And Oracle Cards? Both types of decks are used for personal growth, inspiration, coaching and divination. So there is no difference there.

The real difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle cards lies in how the decks themselves are developed.

Tarot Cards must have 78 cards and are divided into two parts: The major arcana and the minor arcana. The 22 cards of the Major arcana represent events in our lives as well as turning points. The minor arcana  is made of 56 cards (where the traditional deck of playing cards arise from). This part represents our ordinary day to day lives and is broken into the four different elements: Air, water, fire and earth. These elements are traditionally associated with our intellectual self (air), our emotional self (water),our spiritual self (fire) and our physical self (earth). Traditional Tarot decks have been associated with fear based images of swords and daggers and gloomy phraseology. Many more modern decks have been created to keep the tradition of the tarot but with uplifting images  that inspire feelings of inspirations.

Oracle Decks do not have the limitation of a praticular number of cards. They can be more or they can be less. They are not necessarily broken into different parts or elemental theory but are rather based upon the desire of the author’s intent for the deck of cards to coach out from. These decks are newer in approach to personal growth and inspiration and are inspired from a wide range of symbolism from animal imagery, to proseprous and joyfilled living, to based upon a particular kind of caoching such as in dream coaching.

That is what makes the Decks different…how oracle card decks are different from tarot card decks.

Which are better Oracle or tarot cards to get your answers from? The answer: it depends!

Tarot decks may be more difficult for the beginner to use because of the combination of the two parts. They take some mastery to utilize traditional card spreads such as the celtic cross. However, the person seeking questions can do well using a tarot deck for one card drawers or simpler spreads. The professional card reader may be able to give advanced meaning to your readings by using tarot cards vs oracle cards as a preference.

Oracle cards are a great introduction for anyone who want to consult the cards to gain greater understandingof situations  and to get answers to particular questions they may have. They are fantastic for beginners who are just embracing cards for greater insight and wisdom. They are wonderful for ‘grabbing’ a quick reading.

As with any divination tool, the choice of tool is important. Mastery of them takes time. Learning from those who have embraced them or who have gone through certifications will spearhead your understanding of how they can be of great use to you. Whehr they are cards or other tools (such as Iching readings, pendulums, etc.) being used to heighten one’s awareness of their own situation and how to access their inner wisdom and intution, practice makes perfect and practice with a specialist allows for expediency for your experience.

So, which is better oracle or tarot decks to get your answer? It depends! Which will be your choice?

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  1. Thanks so much for this series Laura!

    Fascinating reading – it really opened my eyes to this world, that I only vaguely knew about!

    Comment by Sarada Chaudhuri — March 15, 2013 @ 11:14 am

  2. 🙂 Glad for that Sarada………. the readings of cards really can be inspirational and life changing…today I am working in “IMPECCABILITY” the card I drew for the day….so I will be focusing on crossing t’s and dotting i’s!!! 🙂

    Comment by Laura Clark — March 16, 2013 @ 7:18 am

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