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The Full Moon & Your Emotions

The moon has a powerful effect on our emotions as well as on our spirit.

The full moon can bring up very strong emotions but it’s easy to navigate through them with the right tools. The full moon can be a great time for deep personal growth and spiritual development.


The moon has been associated with the feminine, intuition and deep inner psyche across many traditions. 
The moon is connected with the emotional body, which brings us joy and fulfillment because it is associated with intuition. It is symbolic of how we feel about ourselves, and how we deal with our relationships and respond to situations emotionally. So, the full moon has a lot to do with your emotions. 

The Full Moon has a draw on our emotions and its' important to understand how to use this to support releasing and manifesting Share on X

The moon rules the rhythms of the tides or the waters. Water is the element most associated with our emotions. So, naturally, during the cycle where the moon is fullest and the gravitational pull of the waters on the earth is the strongest, our emotions can become heightened.

The Full Moon and Your Emotions can go hand in hand. 

While the moon’s magnetic effect is not creating a physical movement of water in our bodies per se, it can be bringing heightened emotions to surface. So, during the full moon time we can be out of sorts, feel more tension, irritable and tired. You may find yourself feeling anxious or emotionally upset.

But we do not have to let our emotions rule the day! We can see them as part of our emotional being, allow ourselves to release them and to step forward making courageous choices from the wisdom within.

Knowing this allows us to also honor the cycles of the moon. To allow us to reconnect with its’ rhythms and be in sync with them. By doing so, it is easier to listen to our deepest truths, our intuition and make choices based upon that not our emotions.

The Full Moon and Your Emotions is a time of releasing.

The full moon is a time of reflection, and release. It is about how our energy is expressed in the world, and living in relationship to our own truths It is a time for releasing inhibitions to courageously step out in the world, and noticing what is coming to fruition in your life.

The full moon calls us to work in concert with the Universe to co-create our lives. It is time to receive support for our efforts. If you work in concert with the moon. The new moon phase is the time to plant the seeds and begin working on projects. The full moon is a time to nurture them and release them with trust and faith that all will come to you.  

Spiritual Practices during the full moon to support releasing that which no longer serves you and manifesting your dreams. Share on X

You can support yourself with both the Full Moon & Your Emotions

Gather & Energize your Spiritual Tools ~ your crystals, your gemstones, your journals, your vision board and re-energize them with the Full Moon’s Light.

Connect with the Energy of Water.
1) Make Moon Water ~ place a glass of water and energize it with the full moon. Drink it to support manifesting your deepest desires or save it for when you need support during the next moon cycle to release that which you do not need.
2) Take an Epsom salt bath. The Epsom salt will help you release that which no longer supports you.

Write your intentions for the next moon cycle down ~  release them into the night air.
You can burn them (if you can do so carefully) or read them aloud and place the intentions in a jar.

Amplify Gratitude ~ nothing speeds up the process of manifestation than that of being grateful and with the full moon’s expansive effects, now more than ever is the time to do this.

Do you have a practice to work with the full moon and your emotions to release them and step into your true self? Let me know below!

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