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A Double Rainbow & Other Signs: The true significance

When was the last time you were stunned by mother nature? Was it on a mountain trip? Was it when watching the sun rise? Or maybe was it when the full moon crested the horizon? Everyone experiences the ability to stop and take in ~ at a moment’s notice ~ a beautiful scene like a […]

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How to See Signs from the Universe

On a Clear Day they say you can see forever! This is so true. When your vision is clear, that is how you can see signs all the time from the Universe. When your vision is not clear, you can not. What do I mean by vision? How to see signs from the universe starts when […]

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What signs from the Universe do you look for?

Signs from the Universe are all around us each and everyday. These signs are guideposts if you will of what choices to make, what other considerations might there be in regards to choices to make. Curiosity is all you need to see the see signs in your life. Did you ever, as a kid, lie […]

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The Magic of Double Rainbows & Their Meanings

I had the most amazing experience last week that I was not looking forward too. It takes slowing down to appreciate. I was NOT supposed to have to drive into the office ~ it was a work at home day. My office is an hour away from home and when I found out in the […]

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