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How to Begin Trusting Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Readings are a great way to discover your own inner wisdom. They allow you to focus on elements that are relevant to a situation by calming the chatter of negative self talk and soothing the emotions that often add volatility to it. You can certainly receive a reading from a professional but often […]

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How to Choose An Oracle Deck

So. you’ve decided that you want to start using Oracle Cards or Angel Cards or Any Cards to help support your intuition. I’m so excited for you! You are about to embark upon a journey that will only unleash the power held deep within you. But, how do you choose an Oracle Card Deck that […]

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What is an Oracle and how do oracle cards relate?

An Oracle. What is it? It’s defined as a medium through whom advice is sought from the gods. It’s often thought of as a person, (in ancient Greece a priestess and in other cultures a priest), through whom deity is believed to speak. Oracles offer answers to your thirst for knowing something in the future. […]

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