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Soul-Wise Living

The First and Last Question You Should Ask

The first and last question you should ask yourself when faced with a challenge or dilemma is “what would Love do?” We all have questions to answer, big and small, each and every day. Questions from the simple “what should I have for breakfast” to the emotional “How do I make someone understand <fill in […]

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One quick way to keep your self confidence up

Self-Confidence. It’s critical to being able to stave off the naysayers. It’s critical to maintaining momentum in those moments of self-doubt. And, we all have them ~ even the most centered of people. So what ways can you sue to keep your self confidence up? One way to bolster and keep your self confidence high […]

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How to Discover Patience ~Easily & Effortlessly

An easy way to discover an unlimited amount of patience is by using a Love Button! Let’s face it. We all need patience once in a while. Our lives ares so full and packed. Most people live ‘on the go’ and in a constant state of stress and overwhelm. Some people have lived in this […]

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L is for Love

The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet Inspired April 2013 The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet is launched to Awaken Your Spirit & empower your thinking. Words are Energy! They can lift us up and they can just as easily bring us down. Spirit driven words will raise your vibration UP. By finding the meaning these words have in your life and […]

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