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From Giving Up to Moving Forward with Courage

When it comes to living fully in life with your passion and your purpose, there is no giving up. You must find ways to keep moving forward with courage. And, we have all been there. We’ve all had those times when it would be so easy to toss in the towel, when the staircase before […]

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How do you honor someone’s grief?

My Mom. She passed forward 10 years ago this week. Some days, it seems like forever ago. Some Days, it seems like just yesterday. Most days, though, I know she has not ‘gone.’  I don’t say the “D” word for she continues to live in each and every memory I share of her. Indeed, I […]

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Stop Being Transparent ~ Start Being Exposed.

Transparency ~ the act of being transparent.  It’s over rated. The use of the word is not only becoming over used in today’s society ~it’s also used incorrectly. Today, it is used to imply that there is nothing hidden. That, the person who is using it, isn’t holding back any secrets. They are allowing you […]

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