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How To Use Journal Prompts for A Life On Purpose and filled with passion

Journal prompts help both the novice and expert journaler for many reasons. As a Science, discovering a method of journaling that works for you assists you is vital. It is a science in that it allows your brain to redirect where it belongs. It allows it to go from the negative to the positive and […]

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8 Step Method to Writing A Quick Journal Entry

Writing a quick journal entry has just as many benefits as a longer reflective entry.   When you become proficient at  the Quick Journal Entry, it can be as effective as a longer, more time consuming entry. You get to the heart of the matter in minutes or even seconds. Your soul’s wisdom comes through […]

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Sacred Soul Journaling ~time for you

August Is Coming! The beginning of it is typically a slower time for many of us. It’s a great month to continue to awaken spiritually as the summer ebbs ever so slowly. Soul Journaling is one of the best tools to use to listen to your inner wisdom, and to discover how best to act […]

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The Benefits of Sacred Soul Journal Writing

 There are many benefits to Journal Writing but there are some challenges too! An Article in Psychology Today published on Sept 5, 2013 by Steven Stosny, Ph.D. states that ‘journaling can have a negative effect on your behavior and well being if it makes you live too much in your head, makes you a passive observer […]

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How to Start A Journal ~ 7 Simple Steps

Journals inspire. Journals bring clarity. Journals offer sacred guidance. They can also be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas on how to start a journal. When you open a new journal, all those blank pages looking up at you can be daunting.  I know. I’ve been there before. The crisp, neat, clean sheets used to […]

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How to Choose a Journal to inspire your writing

Do you journal? I do. It’s one of the basic foundations of my spiritual practices and it begins with choosing the right journal. Journaling allows you to awaken, align and accelerate hearing your soul’s whispers. Journaling ~ from your soul ~ gives you the ability to see yourself differently. It allows you to go beyond your own […]

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How to Start A Journal Entry

It’s winter here in the Northeast and Puxatony Phil has told us that it will continue onward. It’s February afterall! But, how does that affect us. Mercury Retrograde is about to set in. People are cranky. Even my own personal journal had a blank page in it for awhile this morning. But, I know that […]

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How To Count Your Blessings ~ create a Blessings Bowl!

Blessings………..they are all around us if we only look to see them. But, do you really ever count your blessings? Often times, life is so fast and so full of challenges and struggles that we forget to count our blessings. Many gurus out there speak about gratitude jars and boxes. Last year, I had a […]

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The Benefits of Using a Journal

I journal. Most every morning, I get up  get the dogs our and fed and send my guy off to work. Then, I sit down with my tea or coffee and write. I thought I’d share my entry this morning with you.  I was unable to do this for the past three days because of […]

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