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The Benefits of Using a Journal

I journal. Most every morning, I get up  get the dogs our and fed and send my guy off to work. Then, I sit down with my tea or coffee and write. I thought I’d share my entry this morning with you.  I was unable to do this for the past three days because of my schedule and I had missed it. Here’s Why:

Oct. 25, 2012

Dear Pinky~friend (I name my journals ~ a new name for each one)

I’ve missed you the last three days. Having time with you IS having time with a  long lost friend.  Time with you ~my journal ~ provides me with so many benefits: 

You help me assimilate all the my soul knows. You allow me to discover this and show me a path of how important it is to understand your soul’s desires and bring that out into the world ~ which is my truest passion. You allow me to begin the day in a way that let’s it unfold and manifest all that is best for me and those around me.

Thank you for reminding me today what a great friend you ~ my Pinky~friend ~ are.

“I journal to find great peace and inspiration for this time  I am deeply appreciative”


As you can see from this entry in my  journal today, I believe that the benefits of using a journal are diverse. I always end my entries with an affirmation that solidifies the theme of what I have learned and a statement of gratitude and/or appreciation. Creating clarity out o f he chaos of the world around us is imperative to leading a life of purpose and passion.

How do you create clarity for yourself? Do you or have you ever used a journal?

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