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8 Step Method to Writing A Quick Journal Entry

Writing a quick journal entry has just as many benefits as a longer reflective entry.  

When you become proficient at  the Quick Journal Entry, it can be as effective as a longer, more time consuming entry. You get to the heart of the matter in minutes or even seconds. Your soul’s wisdom comes through like a bolt of lightning.

Writing a Quick Journal Entry is not always easy. You must be able to still your mind and calm your emotions quickly. Then, you are able to let your pen flow from your soul rather than from your ego.


A Love Note Journal Entry from my time in ICU

Let me show you by example what writing a quick journal entry is like.

Recently, I was standing vigil in an ICU. I’d been there for a few hours. If you’ve ever been in an ICU, there are alarms, and IV’s lines, and oxygen and monitors working their magic. It’s easy to get caught up in these rather than the truth.

That’s what my quick journal entry allowed me to see. While the patient was resting, I discovered that focusing on the breath of life and the love between us would serve our highest good. And, so I began to vision the health of this person rather than the IV lines, the monitors.

And, this allowed me to sit with him heart to heart and soul to soul. The best kind of sitting we can do with one another. (He is fine now. At home, rested, recovered and loving life again.)

8 Super-Easy Steps to writing a #quick & #powerful journal entry ~anytime, anywhere even in the ICU of a hospital! Share on X

Here are the fast steps to the Writing a Quick Journal Entry:

1) Take out a scrap piece of paper. Anything will do for this quick entry!
2) Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Center Yourself.
3) In one or two sentences, write the challenge that is upon you.
4) Write down this (or some adaptation of this): “What I need to know most about this situation right now is”
5) Take another deep breath
6) Write down your immediate thought. This is your gut instinct. You will know it to be true if it is positive and supportive vs. negative and hurtful. (This ability comes with practice)
7) End this entry as you typically do. For more information about ending a journal entry click <here> 
8) Tuck this piece of paper in your journal the next chance you get.

The biggest challenge I hear from my clients and others is that they have no time to journal. While writing a quick journal entry is not the best way to exercise a journaling practice, it does well in a pinch.

The pen allows you to take ego out of a situation and gives you insight into what your Soul’s Truth is and how to courageously step forward.

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