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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

How to Connect with Self & Spirit

When you connect with Self and Spirit, you discover clarity and courage from within. Confusion arises when we allow ourselves to disconnect from our inner wisdom. Our inner chatter starts wrecking havoc on us. Our emotions start to take over. Our bodies energy becomes chaotic and our spirit, our inner vibration falls into frustration, impatience, […]

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How to Take A Risk by Seeing Signs in Your Life

 Nature teaches us through the 4 elements ~ it shows us signs all the time. The signs clearly give us direction, support and the courage to step out of our comfort zone to create a life well lived. Stepping out of our comfort zone is about taking risks. You do not have to climb Mt. […]

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How to Start A Journal ~ 7 Simple Steps

Journals inspire. Journals bring clarity. Journals offer sacred guidance. They can also be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas on how to start a journal. When you open a new journal, all those blank pages looking up at you can be daunting.  I know. I’ve been there before. The crisp, neat, clean sheets used to […]

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How do you honor someone’s grief?

My Mom. She passed forward 10 years ago this week. Some days, it seems like forever ago. Some Days, it seems like just yesterday. Most days, though, I know she has not ‘gone.’  I don’t say the “D” word for she continues to live in each and every memory I share of her. Indeed, I […]

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Why Holiday Traditions Matter

Why do Holiday Traditions Matter for that matter?  They matter if and only if they meet the following litmus test:  You have to understand the definition of  tradition. You must understand how they affect you. You must decide if they still impact you good or bad. You decide to continue them ~ and commit to […]

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The best Time to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom is …

Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to connect to your inner wisdom~ your soul. Great! But, when is that?  Your soul and inner wisdom only whispers to you. In order to hear it’s wisdom, you must LEARN to listen to it. That’s not easy to do when you are interrupted and drowned out by any […]

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7 Steps to Connect to Your Oracle Cards

So you found a deck of Oracle cards that you really resonate with. What now? To get the most of  self-readings, you must connect to your Oracle cards. By definition, Oracle is a medium through whom advice is asked. So, your Oracle Deck is divine tool that offers you guidance. As such, it needs to be […]

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What is an Oracle and how do oracle cards relate?

An Oracle. What is it? It’s defined as a medium through whom advice is sought from the gods. It’s often thought of as a person, (in ancient Greece a priestess and in other cultures a priest), through whom deity is believed to speak. Oracles offer answers to your thirst for knowing something in the future. […]

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Thinking Intelligently… Connecting to your wisdom

My senior year in college, I took a course called Thinking Intelligently. I did poorly in it on purpose and not on purpose. Let me back track.  For 3 1/2 years, I took a minimum of 18 credit hours each semester. I took summer courses and at my school they offered January ‘winterim’ courses after […]

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The Five “F’s” of Inner Wisdom for Women Turning 50!

Turning 50 is Powerful and filled with inner wisdom for Women! I was excited and have been for awhile for this birthday! I’m not one to put too much credence into birthdays but this one ~ very different.  Yes, they are a nice reason to gather together to have fun but typically, to me, it’s just […]

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