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Ignite Your Passion

 Are you Ready to Re~ignite Your Passion?   We are coming up On Valentine’s Day and I was talking to my good friend Stacey about passion and igniting it! I was so inspired by my conversation that I asked her if she could speak to my peeps and so she has written a Love Letter […]

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How to keep Simple & Spirit in your holidays

This week, I enlisted the support (Yes, I asked for help!) of my good friend Kelly Schaefer of Your Task Complete to write on her secret success strategies on how to maintain sanity through it! I wanted to give you her thoughts on it because she excels at this both personally and in her business […]

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whatever, Martha! Perfectionism Stinks!

Whatever, Martha! Perfectionism Stinks. March 22, 2013 BY SANDI GORDON I love and hate Martha Stewart. I love the beauty of her tables, dishes, food, organization, home, business, etc. and I hate the seeming ease of her tables, dishes, food, organization, home, business, etc. Of course, she sleeps about 4 hours a night and has quite a […]

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Is self-doubt impacting your reputation?

Self-Doubt ~ it stops us blind sometimes. It prevents us from moving forward at times we need to and it moves us forward at times when we should be taking a step back. This is a guest post from a colleague of mine, Cindy Key, who helps people looking for that next career opportunity. Her […]

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Maybe I’m amazed at how you love me all the time

This is a guest post by my dear friend Stacey Martino The Love And Passion Coach! You’ll  want to read all the way through for some incredible opportunities she has for you! “Baby I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time.  Maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you” – Paul […]

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The Truth About Fear

  by ALYSSA_JOHNSON on JANUARY 25, 2013 I want to focus a little more on one of those obstacles – fear.  It’s something I personally have struggled with for a long time and have made a commitment to myself to break free of this year.  Fear’s main goal is to keep us small and not allow us to walk […]

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