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whatever, Martha! Perfectionism Stinks!

Whatever, Martha! Perfectionism Stinks.

March 22, 2013 BY 

I love and hate Martha Stewart. I love the beauty of her tables, dishes, food, organization, home, business, etc. and I hate the seeming ease of her tables, dishes, food, organization, home, business, etc. Of course, she sleeps about 4 hours a night and has quite a staff to help with that ease. I have to sleep 7 hours a night or turn into …well, I won’t say here… and have no staff unless you count my 8 pound dog and 90 pound dog, who both try hard but are actually not that helpful.

I am much more like the Martha in the story in the Bible. She got a visit from Jesus and the Disciples. Can you imagine? 13 people (at least) just dropping in? And the most important person in the world being one of them? I would have been CRAZED, just like her, bustling around, looking for enough dishes, surreptitiously dusting and hoping no one noticed, whipping up food like the Tasmanian Devil ~~ trying so hard to show my hospitality ~~ all the while totally ignoring my guests. I didn’t understand that story for YEARS ~~ I felt so sorry for Martha. Her sister the slacker Mary sat at Jesus’ feet while Martha did all the work!!! Hmmmph!

Well, I must admit I’ve had a change of heart. I now think that Mary had it right. Whether you think of Jesus or other guests to your home as the most important people in the world, being with them is absolutely the best thing you can do. What they will remember most is not whether there is dust in your home or how many hors’ doeuvres you had, but the questions you asked them about how they’re doing, and how you made them feel. I love having guests over now.

I’m keeping some hors’ doeuvres in the freezer just in case. And my duster is handy.

Guest Post by Sandi Gordon of Great Life Balance ~ Work Happy. Love Happy. Change the world.

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