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How to Choose An Oracle Deck

So. you’ve decided that you want to start using Oracle Cards or Angel Cards or Any Cards to help support your intuition. I’m so excited for you! You are about to embark upon a journey that will only unleash the power held deep within you. But, how do you choose an Oracle Card Deck that […]

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What is an Oracle and how do oracle cards relate?

An Oracle. What is it? It’s defined as a medium through whom advice is sought from the gods. It’s often thought of as a person, (in ancient Greece a priestess and in other cultures a priest), through whom deity is believed to speak. Oracles offer answers to your thirst for knowing something in the future. […]

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How to Create Time For Self

Creating Time for self is not a luxury. I’m generally pretty good about this as I’ve created my own spiritual development time each day ~ it’s time for me to reflect on my BIG Vision, where I’m going, what steps I can choose to do to gain more clarity for myself and ultimately, be more […]

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What is an Inukshuk?

Inukshuk (singular) is translated from the Intuit language to mean “in the likeness of a human”. These are monuments made that are used for both communicating and for survival. Traditionally, it means that someone was here or you are on the right path. Both meanings of the Inukshuk are significant to me: Someone was here. […]

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Your Inner Words Matter

When I was upset as a child when someone called me a name, My mother would say “sticks ‘n stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” I now know that she was trying to instill in me a sense of personal strength. She was trying to tell me that what others […]

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First quarter moon means confusion unless….

So, the New Moon of last week was all about setting intentions based on aspirations and dreams! Did you do that? I bet it felt good. About a week later, the First Quarter moon appears.  But those intentions had better be set strong because the first quarter moon is when we might meet up with […]

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Do you read the Signs Given You?

Do you ever see the signs given to you? Do you ever understand the signs given to you?  Here’s what I mean: I was driving to work yesterday ~my commute is pretty rural ~ which I love. I wasn’t enjoying the ride. My mind was full of the goals that I had set for myself […]

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Find a solution ~ quiet the mind and word~doodle

Go ahead Doodle. Word Doodle that is: Take pen to paper to Relax, solve a problem and increase your sense of self worth. That’s what I said. Word-Doodle. It’s like journaling but not in the same way. It actually allows you some quiet time to focus in on one particular area. You can address a […]

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How to Imprint A Feeling

We all have  feelings. The continuum is vast. We often feel sorrow long after a tragedy. We often feel joy long after a celebration. Why is this? It’s because we have subconsciously imprinted our feelings based on our past experiences of that feeling. So, if we do this on a subconscious level, can we not […]

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Simplicity ~ how to achieve more by embracing it

Simplicity…..        So many people ask me: “How can I un~complicate my life and keep things simple?”  The answer is easy ~ embrace simplicity.  It is incorrect to interchange simple for easy, not getting much done, just taking it as it comes. That’s not simplicity as I reference it. Simplicity is doing what’s […]

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