Are You Feeling Disconnected From Your Own Inner Wisdom?

Are You confused over how to listen to your own gut instinct?

Isn’t it time to slow down and align on purpose?

Imagine having a special place to go where you can discover how to tame the inner chatter of your mind, soothe your emotions and emerge grounded with a raised vibration, feeling renewed and recharged to embrace all the possibilities in your life.

It’s easier than you may think.

That special place is called your Sacred Soul Journal.

Are you ready to discover this place just for you?

Hello, I’m Laura Clark

The Soul Wise Living Mentor

As your guide I’ll help you create a new (or renewed) path to your inner wisdom and clear a path so you can clearly hear, understand and take action on the whispers of your soul.

I'd be honored to be your guide.

On this journey, you’ll discover the many benefits of spiritual & sacred soul journaling.

Did you know that this type of journaling helps you:

  • Create a record of meaningful and significant events in your life and ~ how you see and feel them
  • Understand life events ~ past and present ~ as they impact you today
  • Clarify your thinking ~ by untangling and processing them
  • Connect to your emotions ~ and truly discover that they do not define you
  • Allow your inner wisdom to come forward ~ and understand what you are hearing
  • Begin to manifest your hidden desires ~ by creating courage within yourself to take the next steps toward them

Yes it's all TRUE!


The Sacred Soul Journaling Workshop

Discover all the answers you will ever need to use journaling as a compass to your inner wisdom.

In this 90-minute webinar, you will discover:

  • What Sacred Soul Wise Journaling is
  • How to select the perfect sacred journal
  • How to create sacred space and time for journaling
  • How to create a consistent journaling practice
  • How to jumpstart your journaling sessions to make them powerful & productive
  • The secret recipe to quick and effective soul discoveries
  • The 2-minute "Rescue Journaling Technique" that will transform your life forever

When you take yourself on this very special journey,
you will also receive these amazing bonuses for free:

  • 101 Sacred Soul Journal Prompts worksheet ~ all you need to start a session ($19 Value Added)
  • 30 Days to Sacred Soul Journaling Workbook ~ a guide to 30 days of journaling ($59 Value Added)
  • My eBook ~ An Introduction to Autonomic Writing ($39 Value Added)
  • Total Value Added: $117

You will also have the opportunity to upgrade and have a private one-on-one session with me to exponentially make your sacred soul journaling work for you! (normally $197; for class participants: a deep discount)

Who is the Sacred Soul Journaling Experience for?

For the Challenged Journaler: if you’ve tried journaling but have given up on it because it has always been too difficult.

The Novice Soul Journaler: if you’ve never journalled, have thought about it but find it intimidating and don’t know where to begin.

For the Started Soul Journaler: if you occasionally journal but never seem to get into a rhythm AND find the answers you are seeking in the entries you have created.

For the Skilled Soul Journaler: if you want to focus on adding creativity and spark to your sacred compass and create exponential results from your entries.

Is this You?

Register Now and get Access to This Amazing Experience and all it's bonuses!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I don’t want to use PayPal to register. Is there any other way I can provide payment?

    A.Yes, absolutely! Email me We can arrange to have you pay over the phone.

  • Q.How will I be able to access the content once I've completed my purchase?

    A.You will have access to all the content via a password protected account.

  • Q.I noticed you have a worksheet, a workbook and an e-book as bonuses. Can I purchase these separately?

    A.Unfortunately, not at this time. They are only available as sacred bonuses to Sacred Soul Journaling participants.

  • Q. I have other questions about whether this workshop is right for me or not, how can I ask them?

    A.E-mail me: and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.