What is Your Soul Quotient™

See Where You Are On Your Self-Awareness & Spiritual Growth Journey.
Soul-Wise Living
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~ Follow Your Light
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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living


Living Your Truth Sisterhood

The Living Your Truth Sisterhood…

is a place to discover new skills and master the tools you may already be using on your path to greater success and to living by the wisdom of your own truth. This Sisterhood allows you to grow, at your own pace, alongside other sisters, just like you, who are stepping forward toward more joy and abundance in life. 

The Living Your Truth Sisterhood is a membership program. It is an accessible and affordable self and spiritual growth avenue for you to continue living from the wisdom of your truth. Membership opens a few times a year. Get on the wait-list for the next enrollment period <here

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

is for you to overcome fears that are holding you back from achieving your successes. It’s important at various times in your life to have a sacred and objective individual to support you in seeing your truth and support you in finding and following your inner wisdom. Mentoring with a Master SoulCoaching® practitioner allows you to take your obstacles and turn them into opportunities for you to grow soul wise and create an abundant and joyful life.

Private Coaching is available as room in Laura’s client roster allows. Discover More <here

VIP Retreats

VIP Self-Empowerment Retreats

Step into a tailored private healing and spiritual awakening day with Laura. These retreats allow you to release negative thinking & step into Your Own Personal Power by identifying blocks to accessing your own innate intuition. You will blast through them by discovering which tools are best used for your growth and development. 

VIP Self-Empowerment Retreats are available virtually or in-person. Laura schedules a limited number of these throughout the year. Discover more <here

Soul Coaching™ Practitioner Training

Soul Coaching™ Practitioner Training

This immersion retreat style training will give you a profound understanding of what your inner truth is, how to listen to it and allow it to be your compass and learn ways to support others to discover it for themselves. Tap into the power of your soul’s truth and activate your purpose and passion. Take this deep dive and discover a wide array of processes, see how finding this power allows you to uncover confidence and courage like never before. 

Soul Coaching™ Practitioner Training was designed and developed by Denise Linn, Hay House Author. Laura has personally trained with her as a Master Soul Coaching™ practitioner and trainer. She offers this training once or twice a year (and privately 1:1) Discover more <here>