Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living


Do you want to quiet down your inner chatter that makes you second guess your decisions?

Do you want to move forward  with a clear vision?

Afraid of getting pulled in too many directions this fall?

Struggling to hear daily guidance from your own inner strength?

Many overwhelmed professional woman are and I experienced it too!
I want to give YOU the opportunity to Say YES to understanding your self and soul.

Let your Soul Shine forward for all the success you deserve!

I get it. You see, I was struggling with my own clarity and it was inhibiting my success. Twenty years ago, I was the Queen of Procrastination and Overwhelm. I was the biggest obstacle in my own path. I made choices that were not aligned with whom I was or whom I wanted to be. Because of this, I had a difficult time taking action on any of the paths. I would doubt myself at every twist and turn. Then, I started working on ME and it took TIME~ too much time.


What I know is we often need someone’s insight to unlock the door to that fabulous road ahead ~ especially if you are a nurturer of others! We are often too distracted that we can’t see where we are blocked. It takes a seasoned set of eyes, an intuitive listener and someone who will call you out when she sees your excuses, and someone who will support you as never before. I know, I do in my own life!

I often spend time doing a deep dive into ME and coming out with so much more clarity! BUT,  I do not do it alone ~ yes, I have the tools but I know I get in my own way. I believe so deeply in personal growth and development coaching that I did it with my mentor and am so blessed!

I offer a limited number of VIP Retreats each year. One on One Session ~ virtually or locally ~ 1/2 Day or Full Days.  

You will:

So, how does a VIP Retreat Work?

These retreats include:

And, YOU will receive as heartfelt bonuses:

What are other’s saying about working with Laura?

“Laura is an absolutely amazing coach. She was able to connect with me and give me deeply profound information and relevant messages. Her experience as a Soul Coach contributes in her ability to add layers to the work she does with me. She asks thought-provoking questions allowing me the opportunity to hear from my own guidance with even more clarity. I highly recommend working with her.”

Messina-D’Haiti, Art Educator, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

“I was lucky enough to have Laura lead me. I was comfortable working with her immediately. Through her powerful techniques, I was able to move from a place of fear into a positive, enhancing time. Her messages really resonated with me in my day to day life.”

Sue Rickenbacher, Translator, Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to work with Laura. I knew at once that I was going to have some amazing results surrounded by her love and enlightened wisdom. She brings forth her wealth of knowledge in the most practical and kindhearted way.”

Michelle Elder, RN, BSN, Portland, Oregon

Stacey Martino
“You truly are a gift! Anyone who is stuck on anything should absolutely work with you! The greatest thing about working with you Laura is that her magic helps people get in touch with their own intuition about how to get unstuck….and when I’m getting myself unstuck, I’ve now got a tool I can always use! It’s like you teach people HOW to fish, instead of feeding them one meal!!! You Rock Laura!!!”

Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Expert,


Your Retreat will give you the results that will spearhead you forward!

After your session you will:

Simply, reach out to me directly at Put “VIP Retreat” in the subject line! 

Please don’t hide YOUR INNER SPIRIT  & don’t delay YOUR SUCCESS any longer!