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You Say Vision Board, I say Soul Coaching® Collage

I started working with vision boards when I was in high school and have been using them ever since. Many people call these Vision boards, Vision Seed Maps, Treasure maps, Action Boards and the like. I am now using the term Soul Coaching® Collage. As a certified Soul Coach, I’ve taken my own rudimentary way of making these vision boards and added the power of creating them through a sacred ceremony.

In my Soul Coaching® Collage Workshops, through ritual and ceremony, collages are used as a form of ceremony that allows for the flow from our subconscious to conscious. These collages become powerful (and even vital) in following the path to create what your soul already knows about you. You are able to use them as a way to easily take steps ~ one after the other~ to achieve your inner most dreams.


You can create these for a variety of intentions in your life. They can be a ‘time’ intention ~ done for an upcoming season or for a year. They can be for your health and wellness. Soul Coaching® Collages can be made to help attract more abundance in your life and even love. You can enhance your own spirituality, created for a celebration or even for a right of passage

The process of creating a Soul Coaching® Collage begins with a space clearing of the area that we are working in. By cleansing the workshop area, it allows only positive and enhancing energy to accompany the time or the workshop.

When participants arrive, they participate in a group soul journey. A sacred ritual to setting your intentions is done. It’s a form of specific guided meditation to allow you to hear the wisdom of your soul speaking to you. Being open and allowing the energy that is best for you to shine through is key to getting the truth from your inner self.

Affirmations are then set in accordance with the wisdom received during this Soul Journey. This allows for a relaxing and enjoyable time for the actual creation of the collage itself. I’ll be discussing the specific creation of that collage at another time.

Once completed, interpretation of the Soul Coaching® Collage can be done. There are many methods in which this can be done. I use a unique system with my private clients and in my workshops. This is a tried and true method that has been shown over workshops with many, many people. Needless to say, people are fascinated by the ‘spot-on’ observations this method gives them and allows them to truly focus in depth on their deepest desires. Ultimately, this allows them to have a clear understanding about what values and intentions they will be working on manifesting by having created this Soul Coaching® Collage.

Indeed, my own Soul Coaching® Collage that I created for Soul-Wise Living this last year, represents my soul’s desire to work with the professional woman to overcome obstacles and create change that allows them to live to their fullest potential.  (The picture above is my own Soul Coaching® Collage.


Have you ever created a Vision Board of your own? Do you do create them for a specific part of your life or overall feel of your desires? Have you ever used rituals to further infuse the collage or map into your spirit?


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