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Who’s Great?

A new season has descended upon us. Schools have started and we have jumped into our Fall routines. How did we get here? Have you celebrated what you did to get to this first day of this month? So, often we only look at the agenda of the day and the events on the calendar ahead that we forget to take a look at all we have achieved.

If we have children, we are continually telling them what a good job they did on a project or in an after school activity. It  bolsters their self-confidence.

If we have colleagues, employees or associates, we tell them what a great job they did on a presentation or when they achieved a goal of their’s. It helps build commraderie.

If we have significant others in our lives, we celebrate their milestones and tell them about our love for them often. It makes them feel secure in your appreciate of who they are.

But, do we stop and do that for ourselves? And, it’s so important to celebrate what we do. We need to learn to be our own cheer leading squad. Not in a selfish, look at what I can do kind of way. But, rather in a reinforcement that what you do really does make a difference in the lives of others.

See, it would be easy for me to just go and look at my to-do’s and move forward. But, I want to take sometime to savor all that I did in the past month. This includes but is not limited to a week’s vacation, four days devoted to building my business, a mindset retreat, celebrating my 50th bday with not one but numerous events over the course of a week, publishing a new web-site that I’ve been grinding at for the last few months, learning to video-tape posts, beginning work with a new intern in my body-work business, and losing 10 pounds. What is not to celebrate! <self-applause> Talking to myself: “Laura you are great! Kudos on a month well done.”

So, before you start your month, take out a piece of paper and write down all that you accomplished. I’m sure your list is as long, if not longer, than the one above. Then, do a snoopy-dance, applaud yourself, say “Man, I’m d(#*$&@(& good!” and jump into October with all that renewed energy!

What did you do? I want to know!


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