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Soul-Wise Living

What Tune are you Playing for yourself?

Songs.  A good song will inspire you to an emotion that you just have to express. A good song will move you to tears, to giggles and to everything in between. So why not use it to your advantage?

There is nothing like letting a song be inspirational to you in your daily life ~ be it personal or professional.  A song can be something that inspires you to the next level of achievement. It can be a motivational tool that brightens your day in the face of challenges. Music can re-energize you at times when you just feel  as if you can NOT take that next step forward. And, music  can help you take that wonderful leap of faith!

Everyone should have a theme song.  You can choose one to inspire you for several different reasons such as:

A period of time:  for the Year, for a season, for a month or for a day

For a project ~ at work or at home.

For an upcoming Event

For your professional life

For a relationship (ex: the first dance you danced at your wedding)

Examples of Theme Songs that I’ve used for a variety of reasons include:

Walking On Sunshine:  Katrina & The Waves

I Gotta  Feeling: Black Eyed Peas

Slow Turning: John Hiatt

Down By The River: Credence Clearwater Revival

I’d like to Teach the World to Sing: New Seekers (okay Coke made it famous!)

I’m in the process of picking a new theme for this next month. How do I choose?  I determine a few things:

What is the end FEELING is that I want to get from listening to this song?

Do I need to slow down or speed up to get the RESULT I want?

What IS the RESULT I want and what does that SOUND like?

These are questions I ask and then I go listening for one. If you know what you are looking for before hand, the song usually appears quickly!

Then, play it! Each day! Let it inspire you, motivate you, relax you. Whatever it is you need! I’m heading into a month of preparation for being away for two weeks and at a retreat like setting where I’m with like minded people working on learning how to help other’s listen to their soul. So, I’m looking for a song that allows me to slow the pace a little and  learn to listen to what is being offered. Any Ideas?

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