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What Makes a Good Therapist or Coach

Is it their training? Is it their experience? Is it their professionalism? Is it their level of compassion? No doubt, it’s the ability to make a change in their client’s life.

I recently had a chance to contemplate this. I have been told by no less than three people recently that they like me because I’m like the local bartender. (In my world, you pay attention when something comes to you in 3’s!) Two of these clients are those that come to me for Body-Wise bodywork. The third is a Soul-Wise client of mine.

Here’s a few of the comparisons they made between the local bartender and a therapist or coach:

A good Therapist or Coach greets you with a compassionate smile and warm hello.

A Good Therapist or Coach always knows what you really like in a treatment or session.

A Good Therapist or Coach knows when your body or soul needs something a little different to affect the kind of change you need.

A Good Therapist or Coach knows when you want to converse, when to listen and when to just be with you so you can process your own thoughts.

A Good Therapist or Coach quietly ends your treatment when it’s time.


A Good Therapist or Coach never judges a client no matter what

No matter what challenge they have or what thoughts they share.

So, yes it’s the education and training and yes, it’s their experience. These help make a good therapist good. You can also add to this their professionalism and level of compassion they show their clients. Add in so much more and you get an excellent therapist. But, maybe, it’s just about how well they ‘mix’ all of these and are passionate about what they do. If you have a local bartender you like, maybe your therapist or coach is just like them!

I was confused when one of these clients took great care and sheepishly told me I was like his favorite bartender. He thought I’d be offended by it. He couldn’t have been more wrong…it was one of the greatest compliments I could have ever received! What makes a good therapist and/or coach for you?


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