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What is an Inukshuk?

Inukshuk (singular) is translated from the Intuit language to mean “in the likeness of a human”. These are monuments made that are used for both communicating and for survival. Traditionally, it means that someone was here or you are on the right path.

Both meanings of the Inukshuk are significant to me: Someone was here. You are on the right path. The reason is that his Little Inukshuk was given to me by a member of my team who was from Canada when she was leaving. She wrote a beautiful card about having worked with me and wanted to be sure that she remembered that ‘someone was here.’ She also expressed that I was on a journey that was divinely guided.



My inukshuk often goes unnoticed in my office until one of those creepy moments of self-doubt come into play. Then, I always see him in the corner of my eye. When I need inspiration and validation that decisions I’m making are the right one’s, he is right there looking at me. I ponder him and when I quiet and sit still, I can see the strength in the structure. When I quiet and sit still, my inner wisdom speaks to me validating the strength of my decisions. I like having reminders like this one surrounding me. It brings my Energy Up and that is the premise behind Feng Shui ~ having what you love around you that bring support to you. They give me solace and strengthen my resolve and belief in my own path and destiny.

Do you have an “Inukshuk’ of your own in your home or office ~ something that gives you strength when you see it? If so, what is it? 

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