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What is a coach?

What type of coach do you need in your life right now? Synonyms for coach include educator, teacher, trainer, tutor and mentor.  In the very traditional sense, a coach is a person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes. 

Do you need a coach? The best coaches are objective bystanders who guide you toward your goal. They do this because they know deep in their heart that you can be a stronger, wiser, bigger, and better  player in what they are coach in. Guidance is their tool and this comes through their knowledge and experience. So a better question is do you want to be stronger, wiser and play bigger in your game.

My biggest coach: My Dad. Celebrating his 84th bday this week!

My biggest coach: My Dad heading into being a noneganarian. It was a year ago this week that 


If you answered, Yes, then my next question is just what game do you want to be bigger at? Do you want to be a better ‘significant’ other? Do you want to be a better parent?  Do you want to be better at your finances? Do you want better health?  Do you want to be bigger in your career or business? Do you want to be bigger and better, stronger and wiser in your spirit, allow your soul to shine and the ability to give in all those fields from your inner core of wisdom? 

I’m here to tell you that if you answered Yes to any of these and you put your mind to it then, you can be stronger, wiser, bigger and better in any of those arenas. And, you can do it by yourself. You heard me. You can do it by yourself. But, you will not do it AS well or AS quickly.

I’ve answered Yes to all of those questions about what I want to be bigger at. (Yes, even the parent part-while I don’t have kids, I do have pets and I always want to be a better parent to them! And, I can tell you unequivocally that to do it well, quickly, with less effort and greater ease you DO NEED A COACH. When you have someone in your corner to champion you, point out the roadblocks and guide you through them, all of your dreams and desires come faster than you could have ever imagined. I’ve been there. I know.

I’ve had the coaches. The relationship coach has been used. I’ve taken the obedience classes. Yes, the financial advisor has been there. Health? Sure, I’ve had the personal trainers the acupuncturist and the nutritionist. Oh, in business, check that box too! I’ve had the business coach. And, my soul ~ I’ve had someone who guides me to it! Indeed, at this moment in time, I am paying for many of them. And even as a certified soul coach, I still utilize one today. Why is that? Because, without them, I don’t do things as wisely, as stronger, as brightly and as big as I want to!

Sure, you can buy the books and I know you have, right? I have. They’ll help you some. Even reading all the great information I share (at least I think it’s great!) here on this blog will offer snippets, ideas and support to you. But, let’s be completely honest, how well have you implemented ~ put into real action ~ the wisdom found on the pages of those books or on the internet? Sure, you can ‘pick other people’s brains’. My favorite translation for this is “I’m going to  grab some information for free and bolt.” But, the old adage, you get what you pay for applies.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking you can do it yourself and hire a coach. Get a good one. One that has the knowledge and experience that you are looking for. The investment is well worth it, you’ll reap more in the end ~ and with a return on your investment 10 fold. Sometimes, this will be tangible, sometimes not.  You will get answers quicker and implement more and allow yourself to relax fully into that dream and desire you are so thinking about.

Is that area that challenges you ~ the one where you struggle to quiet down and connect to your core inner wisdom? If yes,  I can be of service to you and coach you on your journey. I’ve been there. I’ve done it ~ I’m still doing it ~ and I have the tools that will help you unlock those secrets for yourself. I’d be honored to help you.  Let’s have an honest conversation about it <here

Take a look at the area in your life that challenges you the most. Do you have a coach to help you navigate through the roadblocks?  Let me know, I’d like to hear.

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  1. Laura, you explained coaching so well. I had wonderful parents and role models along the way, but a coach, right now, is what helps me through challenges I have never met before. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s the confidence to ask for help. It’s the motivation to take action with the new perspective learned.

    Comment by Susan Wilson — February 2, 2016 @ 9:41 pm

  2. Thank you Susan! In my early years, asking for help was so challenging ~ now it’s exciting because I’m so curious what I will learn and how I will grow!

    Comment by Laura Clark — February 3, 2016 @ 11:00 am

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