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What I discovered from the Discovery ~ Slow Down!

I spent one full day this week traveling. I love airports. They are an incredible place to people watch. But, truth be told, I tend to get a little anxious from getting up in the morning until arriving at the gate to catch the plane. Focused and clear? Not really wehn you are expelling energy on things like this. I’m getting better at it as I am using tools to help with the process. And, I added to my collection another tool I learned at the airport!

Anxious, why? Well, I worry that I’ll be late and be of inconvenience to other’s in the TSA line, in putting my back into the overhead bin and of taking too long to sit down. It stems from not wanting to get into anyone’s way. I also get worried about bumpy landings ~ I had one difficult landing once and now I get anxious about the next one. So the day before I travel, I use some tools.

The first tool was imagining the WORST CASE SCENARIO tool. You imagine all the things that can possibly go wrong and then reverse them. You see those things that you worry about working out beautifully. Lo and Behold, because of the way I packed, I had no troubles getting my bags ins.and out of the overhead compartment without so much as a hiccup or a quick get stuck moment!

The second was using the TAKE IT SLOW to GET THERE FAST tool. I set the intention for on time flights and safe landings. I sent out good energy to all those who would be helping me get from the East Coast to the West Coast especially the pilots. It didn’t take long and it put to rest my anxiousness.

See anxiousness is a wasted emotion. It takes away from your own clarity. What challenges could you be working on rather than spending time being anxious. Yes, it’s an emotion that arises but using tools to address the anxiety and moving forward is so much more productive. I believe I spent about 20 minutes utilizing those two tools and then I let the anxiety GO. 20 minutes vs. the hours I used to spend? I’ll take it! And, in the time I saved I was able to work on a client’s program with full focus and clarity.

Airports are a great people watching place and this week was no exception. I love the energy of people moving from here to there and imagine all that they are doing to lead happy, fulfilling lives. I marvel at the “freneticness” of it sometimes, though. How so many people are in a rush to get through a line or onto the plane and nervously arrange their things and how much energy is wasted on this.

~~~~Lesson Learned:

I was in the Washington Airport when the space shuttle Discovery was being delivered to the Smithsonian and for one small moment everyone was at the windows looking at this amazing gift to our nation. People were in awe of seeing this amazing machine that had been on it’s own journey to outer space several times over on op of a 747.  Could you imagine the anxiousness of the astronauts about to go into flight? I’m certain they were but I am just as certain they found ways to be clear and focused on their jobs and families the days before taking off!

Seeing Discovery fly and land on top of a 747 brought this group of seemingly disconnected travelers together for a short moment. (oh and how nervous was the pilot in charge of that flight. No doubt he’s found tools to use to cope with is anxiety!)

No one was in a rush to get in line after seeing this marvel. Everything slowed down. Indeed, the boarding of our plane afterward seemed so much easier as people went from fast and furious to “Wow, that was amazing” and slowed down to get to where we were all going.

Want to stay clear and focused in life? Find tools to alleviate your anxiousness and worries…it saves time and effort and brings about clarity and focus!

What do you do to alleviate some anxiety in your life about obstacles you THINK may be in your way? Do you use tools to help? Do you find a way to marvel in a something to slow down? I discovered this through The Discovery and so from now on I will!

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