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Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

This is the time when so many of us start making ‘resolutions’ to change. It may be in one area of our lives or multiple areas. What do you, if anything, want to change?

Resolution, in this sense, is the commitment made to one’s self at this particular time of year. “I’m going to lose 10 lbs” one might declare or “I’m going to keep my checkbook in order.” It seems easy, right? But, in theory, it can be hard for everyone to achieve that resolve however diverse they may be. What we all have in common is the HOPE that something will change, and life will be different (and better) in the upcoming year.

Self-improvement does not come without some commitment. Many talk about them, less begin them and more fall short of their goals. Why is this?  A resolution must be made in accordance you’re your deepest desires. When they are made without inner-thinking, foresight and planning, it will be hard to get the best result you deserve.

Here’s a simple approach using Reading a Classic Novel once a Month as an example.

    1. Declare it! Write it down and post it where you will see it.

“I will read one classic novel each month this year” and put it in the space where you read.

    1. Prepare it! Create the list of books you would like to read.

Research authors, genres, and only include books that will EXCITE you.

    1. Plan it! Create the calendar for it. Is there one month where you know you have a lot of other commitments? One month slower? Put the novel that has the most ‘girth’ to it – longer or more challenging reading in a slower month. Too, when are you going to do this. AM, PM one evening a week?

Macbeth, for me, should be placed in February. It’s a slower month for me and that novel would be far too involved to be reading in September when I have two conferences to attend. For me, reading novels has to be done on the weekend, if I tried putting it in every Tuesday, it would not happen!

    1. Start it! There is not time like the present.

Even if you have not completed 2 & 3. Begin with the end in mind and open that first novel!

    1. Revisit it ~ Adjust ~ And be kind to Yourself. All plans need adjustments according to what life puts in your path.

It doesn’t mean to give up completely on your resolution. You may need to tweak your time line or change the end result as it fits with new plans.
There is no time like the present”

If Macbeth doesn’t get read in February, revisit when you can read it. Or take it off your list. You’ll still read 11 amazing novels as time goes by this year!

These action steps can be applied to whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are. Let me know what your New Year Resolves are and how these steps can help you achieve them!

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