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Soul-Wise Living

Want personal peace? Design your own GPS.

What is your Personal Peace Program? You don’t have one? You need one ~ it is a personal GPS to self-knowledge and empowerment! It takes you to a place of peace that allows you to continue to move forward with energy and clarity


Being able to find that deep place inside is critical to getting yourself through the challenges of daily living. A Personal Peace Program offers you clarity and focus. When I was in college and all of the  overwhelming challenges that are part of maturing and college life were upon me, I would look at this poster that I had in my room and go to my favorite spot on campus and take a deep breath to center myself and gain knowledge of what was important in my life and gain perspective and clarity. The Poster said:

“Listening to your heart,

Finding out who you are, is not simple.

It takes time for the chatter to quiet down.

In the silence of, “not doing,”

We begin to know what we feel.

If we listen and hear what is being offered,

Then anything in life can be our guide.


Little did I know this would become my opening discussion with clients some 20 year later. (Yes, I still have that poster and it’s in the entrance to my office.) Once we connect with that inner guide, we are able to make decisions with great ease and know deep inside that they are what is right for you. We never have to look back and wonder. We move forward with clarity and a sense of purpose.

GETTING to that DEEP place takes practice ~ like I began in college.  That practice becomes your Personal Peace Program. It is something you do on a daily basis to move yourself forward with conviction and purpose. 

What can you include in your Personal Peace Program? Anything that resonates with you and gives you quiet introspection will work! Here are just a few examples;

 Pray        meditate          do breathing exercises      Take a yoga class      Go for a walk                         Receive some bodywork       Creating Art       Journaling

These are activities that bring clarity and focus…not to mention a very real peacefulness. Consider what you do now or can in the future incorporate daily into your life and it will become your compass.

Think about your Personal Peace Program as your GPS to it get you to where you want to go without getting lost. If you need some support creating your’s, let me know! What do you utilize now?

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