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Secrets of Your Vision Board Workshop Registration

What a time of discovery for You!

Join me On Monday, June 23rd 7:30-10:30  

(Yes, there will be a replay!) 

You can also UPGRADE and have the ability to have a private interpretation of your Vision Board.  Boards have hidden meanings. I’ve mastered the art of discovering these secrets for my client! (You simply email me a picture of your board and within the week and I will send back to you a detailed 3-5 page pdf report about what your board means.) This will give you insights into what to focus on to:

danielle  What One person said of the Private Interpretation:  “Before doing my vision board, I was playing around with mind movies, but knew the act of sitting down to deliberately make a vision board would be very powerful. After working with Laura to understand the hidden messages of the board, I became certain that this is indeed a powerful tool and a way to meditate on the future while staying grounded in the present. It is a very conscious and deliberate form of dreaming. The most significant manifestation from my Board in the first 30 days after having created it was the opportunity to live aborad which is shown on my board three different ways. This is something I have been wanting and longing for without success for a very long time as I had lived abroad 12 years ago. The vision board helped me to see Italy as part of my future, not just my past.” ~ Danielle Oteri ~ Feast on History 

So Make Your Choice Come and Create OR Come, Create & Discover the secrets!   Monday, June 25th @ 7:30 PM EST