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Using the FIRE Element to embrace your Spiritual Self

Fire ~ it’s all around you: in the sun, in the tall trees, in bright orange colors of the sunset, in bonfires. The summer is a great time to embrace this element as it’s energy is naturally heightened. Our days are even longer!

The element of FIRE is associated with our spiritual self.  It traditionally represents the spiritual aspect of self. It symbolizes our compassion, passion and devotion which come directly from our inner spirit.


Fire is seen as a source of power and strength. By understanding our spiritual self, we are naturally inspired and invigorated to do what it is that is our deepest desire.  Fire itself is ignited in those who are doing what it is that they truly are meant to do.

When we are disconnected from our inner self, our spirit will lag. No doubt we may be disconnected from the Fire Element in your life. We begin to close off to listening to our  inner wisdom.  People who are disconnected from this element may feel paralyses in moving forward because they are not centered with their spirit.

Here are some things you can do to use the influence of Fire to take care of your spiritual self:

1)      Light a Candle: simply sitting in a space with a lit candle will evoke your inner spirit

2)      Try something that you’ve always wanted to do: go to your bucket list, do it and cross something off of it! The courage and inspiration required to do this will ignite your spirit and enhance the element of fire in your life.

3)      Sit in the sun (of course you need to use care and protect yourself from it’s rays) By receiving the energy of the sun on the face, the warmth will fuel your passions!

4)      Check in with your spirit light that candle and spend some time quieting your mind and listening into the wisdom of your soul.

5)      Love More: create an affirmation about LOVE. “I unconditionally love myself and my spirit.” Read it, speak it, believe it and live it and you will ignite the fire element and your spirit will soar.

None of these take much time but you will be surprised at how invigorated your spirit will become when you do them. It will allow you to express yourself and embrace your deepest desires.

Do you want to try? Do one of these right now and see how it shifts your spirit. What else can you do or do you do when you feel like the Spirit of FIRE is not flowing within you?

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