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Using Spring Time to Set New Intentions

The first quarter of the year is almost behind us. It’s a great time to step back, see where you are, consider what you really want for the remainder of your year. What were your intentions, where are you, and where do you want to go from here.

Using spring time to set new intentions allows you to use the energy of growth to spearhead them on.

From a strategic stand point, the end of the first quarter is the perfect time to do some reviewing and tweak the course that your business and life are on. 


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From a spiritual perspective, the spring is a great time as we are shedding our winter cloak and welcoming new fresh air to revitalize our purpose and our passions. Using Spring Time energies to set new intentions allows you hone in on exactly what your soul wants for the near future. Now is the perfect time to get exponential support in stepping forward. Here are a few suggestions to affirm and amplify what you want to achieve.

Strategically ~ Review the last quarter

~ what have you accomplished? How did you do it? What support did you get? What personal attributes did you rely upon?
~ What did not happen? Why not? What was missing in your plan that did not allow you to get this particular goal done?

Spiritually ~ review the last quarter including any readings you may have had and any journaling you may have done. Look at your Vision board!

~ What frears have you overcome that have allowed the manifestations in your life to take place? What is coming to you?
~ How are you working with your readings, your journaling, your soul’s truth and your vision board in your day to day life to allow more manifestation to happen?
~ What is your soul telling you to do? Do you need to adjust a goal? Set a new intention? 

Start Using Spring Time to Set or Adjust New Intentions by:

~Creating a new Sacred Shelf or altar for The Spring
~Spend Time listening to your soul’s whispers to hear and understand it’s message for you
~Map out what you would like to do in the next quarter as you move through Spring.
~Set these intentions by making a Spring Sacred Soul Coaching® Collage
~Clutter clear to create space to welcome these new intentions into your life
~Create the energy around you for them to manifest. 
~Bring in Fresh Air and energize it using aromatherapy to have your environment support you

By spending time at the end of the first quarter as we start embracing the spring, you can begin to make course corrections for your goals, renew your purpose and set new intentions for the coming months. Using Spring Time to Set new Intentions allows you to spring forward reigniting your passion and your purpose! 

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