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Use Mind Movies ~ to set intentions for yourself

Mind Movies are all about visualization. You must have a clear picture of where you want to go in order to be able to get there. Locking in on this image can help you take action steps toward it and making your dreams come true.


For years, people have use vision seed boards ( I call them Soul Coaching Collages™) to achieve this. I still do and believe I always will. But, we live in an age where we have the ability to add moving pieces to these images. We live at a time where audio can be added to enhance the effect of a Soul Coaching Collage™  That’s why Mind Movies are so Exciting ~ they put a one dimensional collage into powerful imagery for yourself.

The magic of a mind movie is that your own heart’s desires can become an inspiring movie all of your own. These mind movies are short and filled with powerful affirmations and emotionally inspiring images. By watching this video you are commanding the universe to bring you this dream ~ through helpful people and your own actions.

I finally, after putting it off for two years, created my own mind movie this fall. I procrastinated over my fear of technology to the point of not stepping forward and doing this. Now, I’m kicking myself for standing in my own way. I watch my mind movie every morning before taking my first action step in my day. I also watch it at night. It helps input my desires onto my brain so my subconscious can work toward overcoming challenges and fears while I sleep. I wake refreshed and renewed for the coming day.

Have you ever created your own mind movie? What do you think of the concept? Write a post ~ I’d love to hear about your thoughts!

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