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The element of Water & Your Emotional Self

Water is used as our playground during the summer. Swimming, boating, sailing, and more are what we do best during the summer months!

The element of water is associated with our emotional self.  It traditionally represents the emotional aspect of self . It symbolizes our intuition, our ability to trust and nurture. We begin our lives in water and have an affinity to its soothing, cleansing , healing and joy-giving qualities.

This attraction for us is not hard to understand since our bodies are mostly made up of water (see next article) Water is the life force that flows through us each and every moment.  How can it not be connected to our emotional self. When people use expressions like “hot and  bothered” and  “in deep water” and ‘fish out of water’  traditionally reflect how people are feeling.

If we are having challenges with our emotional self AND we are dehydrated, life can become filled with angst. We begin to internalize our feelings and experience pent up frustrations. Challenges may also be exacerbated by being dehydrated ~ water allows energy to flow within us and emotions are energy. If we don’t have water, they will not flow within us and out of us.






Here are some things you can do to using the influence of Water to take care of your emotional self:

1)      Flow with water: swim, float, bathe or shower and feel the water flowing over you and supporting you.  Imagine washing off all negative emotions and letting go.

2)      Hydrate: when you feel like you are not letting go of emotions, take a big drink. Feel the water flowing into you and how it refreshes your body, thoughts, and softens your emotions.

3)      Wash your hands with cold water:  feel & imagine the cleansing to allow the work you have to do to be lighter.

4)      Check in with your emotions:  see what is setting them up and tell them “I unconditionally accept you as my emotions but you do not define who I am”

5)      Raise up your energy: by surrounding yourself with only things that elevate you. Add elements of water in your life to help you: actual water ( a fountain, time by the shore), the color blue, soft, curvy, wavy items.

None of these takes much time but you will be surprised at how settled your emotions will become when you do them. It will allow you to meet emotional challenges with greater calmness and serenity because you have activated the element: water.

Do you want to try? Do one of these right now and see how it shifts your emotions. What else can you do or do you do whenyou feellike the Spirit of Water is not flowing within you?

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