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The 10 "R’s" to Staying Relaxed when Implementing your Big Plans

We all have Big Plans. It can be a new project at work that is going from inception to launching. It can be planning that Big Celebration in your life. Big Plans often can get complicated by so many things ~ other’s visions, technological glitches, some pieces simply not coming together and, most often, by how we handle it ourselves! When creating a Big Plan, there are some keys to being able to do it with ease, confidence and support to have the excellent outcome you deserve.

Here are the 10 R’s to Creating Excellence & Staying Relaxed while executing your Big Plan:

1. Relax into it ~ before you begin, take the tools you use for staying relaxed and schedule them FIRST into each and everyday. Keep this as a non-negotiable appointment and work your project around it.

2. Restore Your Work Area ~ take a look around your work area, clear away the clutter. Find specific music you can play while working on the project that promotes clarity and relaxation.

3. Re-organize~ take all those notes about the project and re-organize them into your timeline. Break down the project into manageable pieces.

4. Reduce  Stressors~ Identify, reduce and even eliminate your ‘stressors’. The things that you KNOW elevate your anxiety level. Turn your phone to mute when working on the project, don’t check e-mail and if lunch with Aunt Sally is going to ‘stress-you-out’ because of her pessimism, reschedule it for after the project is completed.

5. Rehearse~ otherwise known as visualization. Look at the positive, likely outcome that will happen. You can even go as far as to create a Project Vision Map. This will help you plow through any obstacle that comes your way.

6. React  with action~ Many planners are not very good at implementation. React to your planning with timely action. If you need to create accountability for this, grab a buddy and tell them your action steps at the beginning of the day. Then, send a quick email at the end of the day to say “YES! I did x, y, z” Celebrating steps is key to achieving full plans.

7. Retain Your Humor~ if this is a Big Plan, you have to keep a sense of humor about it. Finding a way to laugh at the challenges will keep the project Fun & Inspiring for you.

8. Rap with Friends~ if you have challenges, get them off your chest with a friend  or colleague who is going to support your vision. If you are having successes, share them with the same people. Sometimes, when we are involved in projects we can feel alone. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who you can lean on when you need it.

9. Respond with No~ when launching a project, it’s important to know your limitations and say ‘no’ to those things that come up that will be roadblocks for you. Remember Aunt Sally? Say “No” to her, UNTIL the project is over. You’ll be more focused and get greater results.

10. Release ~perhaps, the most important “R”, is to Release and surrender the outcome. When you have created the vision to have an amazing result, when you have created the opportunity for your vision to come to it’s fullest fruition, then, excellence and results (whether they be growth in your professional life or a really fun “life” event) will come as fully intended for you. You must release any stress or anxiety and know that whatever the outcome, it will be for your own highest good.

Take a look at this list and see if you get blocked at any point, focus on it and start creating that next project with this in mind. Me? I used to have to focus on the “React with Action” step but since I use accountability buddies now, it’s so much easier to move ahead!  Do you get hung-up on projects or even on planning them? What steps have you taken to get through it?

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