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Tea Kettles & Clouds: why taking small breaks bring clarity and success

I just took my mid morning break. I love this. On days when I work out of my home office, it gives me a chance to stretch my legs, let the dogs out, grab a breath of fresh air and re-purpose my thinking for the next goal at work.

This morning, I went outside and felt the warmth of the ray’s sun on my face. It felt so good and sit for a moment. I took a break from doing that one chore and sat in the sun looking up at the sky. I often look at clouds and try to morph the shapes into something ~ an animal, a person ~ this is a throw back to my childhood! I love this game.

And, in that moment, I received the sign, the clarity I needed for the day!

See, for the last few days, I’ve been nurturing a sore throat. I’ve been gargling with salt water, getting extra rest and drinking plenty of water.  I’m heading out on a business trip for two weeks in a few days and I am in the prepping stages for that so, I was doing what I thought was the BEST I could to take care of myself. But, obviously, I was missing something and so was given this sign in the clouds.

Alas, by the time I grabbed my camera, the clouds had collected into something else and indeed it is threatening rain. What you would have seen in these clouds had the picture been taken is my BFO, my sign, my clarity.


My sign: It was a teapot ! Of course, I was not drinking my herbal tea for healing my sore throat which then reminded me I was not using my aromatherapy (Herbs, teas and essential oils go hand and hand in my thought process). So, I am having my cup of tea with my essential oils for exponential healing. Now, know I will feel great when I leave for the trip and don’t have to worry about it.

Now, I’m exchanging that worrying effort of my health to things that will bring me more abundance and joy!

Now, had I NOT taken that break and listened to my inner wisdom to sit still for a moment on the deck, I would not have received such a clear signal of what to do and may have continued spending too much time on worry.

Indeed, sometimes, the signs are not as clear. But when we practice the art of sitting still in our own inner wisdom, they are shown to us and do become more and more obvious.

BUT, part of my Clarity System is taking breaks and using them to propel me forward. That is the Power of Slow, is it not?!

Unless the clouds have to rearrange themselves to give you a BFO! Now, what signs do you think you missed not taking that break this morning? OR Did you , indeed, take a break and find a sign of your own?


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