Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Creating Happiness ~ using metaphors to support your understanding.

Creating Happiness is an inside out job. You can not look at having anything else ‘make’ you happy. It’s doing what your soul wants you to do that creates happiness. My Creating Happiness Journey over the weekend surprised me. I rose early. As I opened the door to let my dogs out,  the cool fresh […]

Category: ~Clarity, ~Gratitude, Conscious Living through the 4 elements ~air, water, fire, earth, Personal Empowerment
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Start Spring Cleaning & Gardening ~ with Your Mouth of Chi!

It’s Spring! Confused as to where to begin with all those projects of your’s? Don’t know where you’ll get all the energy to do all the inspired work of your dreams? That’s an easy answer. Start with your front door. The front door (in feng shui speak) is your “Mouth of Chi”. The more positive […]

Category: Feng Shui & Space Clearing
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