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Soul-Wise Living

Flowing Home To Self

Connecting to yourself is all about flowing home. That home that dwells deep within each of us. That home is our soul’s center. Flowing Home to Self is allowing yourself, peacefully, to rediscover your inner light, your uniqueness, your power.  It’s one of the reasons I recommend to my clients to take Respite and Retreat […]

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Need to be appreciated? Send yourself flowers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I do hope you are able to spend it with the very special people in your life. But, it’s not just Valentine’s day when we need to be appreciated. It’s everyday. Have you ever done something for yourself to feel appreciated? Have you ever gifted your own inner spirit something? I have. […]

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How to Congratulate & Celebrate Yourself

Do you ever stop to Congratulate Yourself?  A New Year is upon us. Before you go any further STOP! Have you looked back and seen all that you were able to accomplish last year? If you haven’t, you MUST do so now. It’s a great time to do so. How do you celebrate yourself if […]

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