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Soul-Wise Living

Shine Your Light with Soul Coaching ®

Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training is a deeply enriching transformational experience. It gives you both personal and professional benefits for growth and expansion. Soul Coaching® aligns your inner spiritual self with the outer world. It helps you create a passionate life based on your purpose and your truth. Soul Coaching® helps you clear away all the […]

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What is Empowered Enlightenment

Remember the first morning of summer vacation and that feeling of a clean slate filled with fun and sun ahead of you? Remember that feeling on that first summer’s day of running through the dunes to greet the ocean and all the joy it brought? Remember the curiosity with which you met life and the […]

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How to Overcome Moody People including yourself!

Did you feel the Supermoon’s Pull last week? It had a hold on everyone that I encountered. People were so emotionally charged and moody. The moon ~ it’s all about emotional energy as it is a water element ~ can play havoc with our moods. The tug the moon has on the ocean tides is […]

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