Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Private Coaching

Soul-Wise Coaching, with my signature service and your inner wisdom, will show you how to discover the inner answers quickly and easily. We will access your inner GPS you using a unique formula of holistic approaches. The tools you will learn will become guides to finding and following what you truly want and desire. These tools help give you the answers and, together, we pave your way to success. Our sessions will guide you quickly towards the solutions. Each one will build upon the last and the simple work you do in between our sessions will be invaluable to learning how to quiet down the chatter so you can hear your inner GPS’s navigation. Assignments will offer you greater insight into finding solutions with great ease, comfort, and confidence.

Awakening Program ~ a 4 Week Introductory Program

You Belong here if:
               You are searching for your purpose.
               You overthink or become emotional when making decisions.
               You need to discover how to tame negative self-talk and soothe your emotions.                    
               You are just beginning to embrace your spirituality and are questioning your desire to do so.

This Program includes:

A 75 Minute Jump Start Session to set intentions and establish goals.
3 ~ 45 minute weekly coaching sessions

Exploring Program:  A 3 month Exploration

You belong here if:
You are looking to dive into understanding your purpose.
               You have connected with your dreams and goals but know these need integration into your life.
               You are ready to go beyond self~study & be individually supported to achieve your  desires.
               You are committed to following your own inner wisdom and want faster results.
               You want to explore, discover, and enhance your own innate ability to tune into your intuition.
               You are ready for greater abundance at work and true happiness at work and play & in life ~ now.

This program includes:


Journeying Program: A 6 Month Evolution

You belong here if:
               You want to learn how to focus on the priorities and return passion to your work and in your life.
               You are interested in learning soul-based practices to do so.
               You know that having guidance and support from an expert is what you need.
               It’s critical in your life to achieve the success you desire and the breakthroughs you are wanting.            
               You want to develop greater faith and trust in all that you do and in co-creating your path

This program includes:

Momentum Program:

You belong here: if you have been through a Soul Wise Living program, have been a member in good standing in the Living Your Truth Sisterhood, are committed to continuing your journey or have extensive previous experience in working with your intuition. You must apply for and be accepted into this program. This is a twelve-month commitment toward mastery of skills that you’ve acquired as well as gaining new skills. 



 Set up a  Sacred Soul Chat with me. <here>

           No obligation and we’ll talk for 20-30 minutes about these coaching opportunities, the investment and whether
we are the best fit for you at this time.