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Shine Your Light with Soul Coaching ®

Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training is a deeply enriching transformational experience. It gives you both personal and professional benefits for growth and expansion.

Soul Coaching® aligns your inner spiritual self with the outer world. It helps you create a passionate life based on your purpose and your truth.

Soul Coaching® helps you clear away all the mental, emotional and physical clutter we have accumulated over time so that you can hear the messages of your soul. It helps you hear your truth. It helps you find or clarify your purpose and continue to design your life to support this.


  Step Into Your Purpose Powerfully

By using the tenents of Soul Coaching®, you step out shining your light, avoid obstacles that prevent that. For me, I am able to find peace-of-mind at every turn in the road no matter what I face. Many of my clients experience the same thing and we both discover the immeasurable joy waiting for us in this life.

Being trained as a Soul Coaching® practitioner allows you to share this system with other people professionally. However, I know so many others who have taken this training for personal purposes.

There are innumerable benefits of Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training. It offers a deeply personal and professional transformation to step powerfully into your purpose and passions. Share on X

The Soul Coaching® Practitioner training allows you to transform your own life by:

~taking a step back, view the turning points in your life and see them from an objective point of view. By doing this, you change your perspective, release what you are holding onto that does not serve you. You change the emotions you give to these events and, they become empowering. It gives you the opportunity to see the gifts of the situations and how they have shaped your path.

~by taking this step back, we can look to the future with a new lens and begin to create the life we desire. You learn that creating, rather than reacting to life, allows you to feel more fulfilled, align with your truth and experience greater joy.

~Learning to see the beauty in all things. Soul Coaching® and it’s practitioner training gives you the chance to ask deeply discerning questions like “What is great in this that I am not seeing?”. This brings you closer to your truth and the ability to see joy in every moment of being.

~miraculously allowing you to awaken and magnify your potential. It gives you the chance to clear away clutter of all shapes and sizes (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) that weighs heavily upon you. It allows you to release that which has been holding you back. By doing so, you step out more boldly and with greater courage to embrace the life you are earning for.

~stopping the cycle of blame and frustration. You learn how to see things with greater clarity and more objectivity and focus on forgiveness. This affords you the opportunity to be fully present in life with greater compassion and empathy. This understanding of life events as they unfold in front of you gives you immeasurable permission to create the life you want.

~giving you the courage to face your fears. It gives you the flashlight in the dark night on a unseen road ahead. This flashlight, the truth within, shines light on the path objectively taking all the ego-created fears out of it. Courage becomes you and that flashlight becomes a beacon that guides you through any and all fears.

~utilizing clutter clearing, by seeing the cycles of life with greater ease, by allowing energy to flow freely, peace of mind is found. In this day and age of worry and concern, having peace-of-mind is the one thing that brings us closer to aligning our inner purpose with our outer world.

The Soul Coaching® practitioner training allows you to assist clients and facilitate growth in others. It allows you to be the catalyst to their living a life designed on purpose and passions.  It is not, however, just for those wanting to open their own Soul Coaching® practice.

Many have come to this training for a deeply personal and enriching experience. Many have come to support their own professional growth. Coaches of all kinds add this system of working with others to their repertoire to enhance their own businesses. Executives come to bring it back to their companies to allow for expansive growth.  

Imagine what you could change in your life and in the world with a deeply personal and professional transformation. Yourself certainly. Your professional life as it is established, yes. A new line of empowering work, absolutely. It’s a transformational program that allows you to add more YOU to whatever you do and allows YOU to add more love and light into the world.

I’d be honored to support you in exploring how this transformational program will benefit you and embark on a journey and further create your future full of joy, love and light. Simply email me at

My next Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training is scheduled for January 2018. Early Bird Rates are available through December 15th and registration closes January 5th. What better way to begin the year than stepping into your courageous future. 
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