Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Set Your Sails to full, Steady ahead ~ for life’s journey!

Oh, the Spirit of Sailing! This picture demonstrates the amazing precision with which it needs to be performed. The Sails have to be full, the speed just right, the ability to foresee and adjust to the path ahead is imperative.A true sailor must be confident in their skills, knowledgeable about the sea and adjust instinctively to changes!

A true sailor balances the elements ~ the Air (wind), the Water (H20), The Fire (the sun’s effect) & the Earth (shorelines). In doing so, they achieve the best possible outcomes!

Life is like sailing, you must connect with all the elements to be able to navigate through all water ~ rough and serene.

Our Souls are just like that! They are confident, knowledgeable and adjust instinctively to the path that our bodies and our lives take them in! Our Souls know the Truth but do we? How often do we navigate in the wrong direction and get tossed into winds that seemingly are out of our control? How often do we wait to long to react when the signs have been there all along?

If we, too, connect with the elements ~ Air, Water, Fire & Earth, we will also be able to connect with greater ease and swiftness ~ to what the seas are bringing into our lives. A simple way to do that with each element is this:

Air ~ Breathe….understand how breath allows you to clear your head for clearer thinking.

Water ~ Emote…..Dance, sing, Yell, & Scream ~ for in this energy our emotions are rebalanced.

Fire ~ Light a candle & focus…drink in it’s essence to renew your Spirit.

Earth ~ go for a walk BAREFOOT…allow the sense of the ground, sand, grass to be felt throughout your body to refresh it for the day!

By doing these simple things, you will realign with the elements. This will have a profound effect on your ability to listen to the inner wisdom of the soul! You will be able to Set Sail on a Course for Living Soul-Wise! Making better choices, having more fun and living with more Joy! What ways can you connect with the elements to set your sails correctly?

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