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Need to be appreciated? Send yourself flowers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I do hope you are able to spend it with the very special people in your life. But, it’s not just Valentine’s day when we need to be appreciated. It’s everyday. Have you ever done something for yourself to feel appreciated? Have you ever gifted your own inner spirit something? I have. I  have sent myself flowers!

Have you ever sent yourself flowers? It’s amazing how it makes you feel. Really. Being in the moment. Receiving the gift from you to you is not about being lavish. It’s not about extravagance. It’s definitely not about pompousness. It’s about bringing them into your home and saying to your inner spirit “Wow, Laura, I really appreciate you. You work hard to keep me in balance.”

100_1312It’s Valentine’s Day and time to do something to answer that need to be appreciated.  The calendar and every part of the commercialism of the date tells us to appreciate and show our love for others today. Do it. Don’t do it. But, do this NOW:  

~pick a date on the calendar, right now. One that is in the near future.

~declare it “I love My Spirit Day’ tell others too and show yourself that you are appreciated all day long.

~do something nice for you. Perhaps even send flowers!

What date did you pick and do you want to share what you might do for yourself? I’d love to hear!

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