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Sandy’s Wake: Staying Positive, Skinning the Technology Cat

Hurricane Sandy has hit the Northeast hard. No doubt, it will be days, weeks and months before things are back to normal.

We only have no power. We’ve been told that it will be out until at least the end of the week. I’m one of the lucky one’s. I spent much of the day before getting prepared. We actually had 3 different ‘plans’ in place depending on the magnitude of her SLAM!

So, we have gone to River House (that’s the name of our home) Emergency Management System~ Plan A.

(Plan A because my father’s house has electricity as well as my guy’s job and my office!) It consists of:

~Pen and paper are being re-instituted in my home to limit time on electronic devices.
~The old kindle (yes, one of the originals) is back in action as it uses ‘way~less’ power.

And, part of each Plan, this mantra is our’s:

I’ve become adept at skinning the technological cat. If one thing doesn’t work as expected, I go to an alternative. It seems like there are multiple ways to get around technology challenges ~ whether they be from technology or electrical outages!
Have you been affected by Sandy or have you been affected by long time power outages in the past? What have you done to weather the storm? Do you have any tips on how to skin the technological cat?


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  1. Sending much love and light to you all! Love your positive energy and can-do attitude. We’ve been watching the news and the pictures are unbelievable, but I do believe God is at work with a bigger plan and I can’t stop thinking about how much more compassion and love the United States has since 911. Quick tidbit: We each have hundreds of angels that are only for us – no one else. We do not share angels we have specific ones that are for us only. And when they are not busy helping us BECAUSE WE’VE CALLED UPON THEM – they are hanging around doing nothing. So be sure to talk to your angels all day long and tell them what you need. God be with you. ♥

    Comment by Julie Geigle — October 31, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

  2. Thanks, Julie! We really are very very lucky and blessed. I just finished talking to a woman who was so upset that she JUST got back her electricity but is concerned that her internet might still be out because she can’t possibly do the work she does without it. I spoke with her about options that were available…the local starbucks and mcd’s have internet access as well as many coffee shops that are open. She said “Oh, I can’t be bothered thats too much trouble. I just want mine back.” I’m so grateful for my attitude ~ it must be so challenging not to see that we always have options available to us and YES, if we simply ask angels, the universe, friends and families, we will always get answers!!!!!!!!!! KEEP SMILING!

    Comment by Laura Clark — October 31, 2012 @ 12:51 pm

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