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Rivers Belong Where They can Ramble ~ Spirits must Run Free!

I just spent a fabulous weekend at a camp reunion. Oh, my, the giggling, laughing and signing that we did while remembering our summer together!

I forgot to include crying. Yes, there was some of that too! It’s funny how these moments of pure heartfelt joy can overtake us and tears flow. (I’m not speaking about the tears that come from moments of sadness or bitterness here ~ that’s for another time) I’m talking about the one’s that one moment, you can be ‘fine’ and the next moment Whoosh TEARS! Interesting that they can happen that quickly.

And, Happen seemingly for no ‘apparent’ reason. For some they happen:

But, Why do they happen? They happen because something deep within us is moved. Our soul has been touched and is speaking back to you. It’s a visceral (deeply physical) reaction and it is good and should be embraced.
Trying to tame this emotion is typically the response that we have ~ especially if this emotion comes to you in public. You shouldn’t try to tame it ~ you should feel it and allow it to flow through you. They happen at special times or remembering special times. These times in our lives are the one’s that shape us ~ the one’s that hold significance to us.
This significance should not be squealched It should be embraced ~ for in this time your soul is speaking to you and you need to hear it!
Here’s an example and it’s a personal one. I had little moments of happy tears through the Saturday reception of this camp reunion. On Sunday, we again gathered for a “Sunday Service” like we had at camp. It was a time of reflecting on the week and typically had a values based message. This weekend, it was a free flowing service of song and camp remembrances. 
One song was started and it moved me to tears ~ lots of them ~ just hearing the first line. I have not heard that song since camp ~ 35 years ago. It is from the play: Pippin and called ‘Corner of the Sky’ What was so apparent and profound to me was the clarity with which the lyrics spoke to me. It was one of those moments that you KNEW deep in your soul that everything you have done in your life was right (even the mistakes) in leading you to be where you stood at that moment. 
Soul-Wise is exactly what I am meant to be doing.

  • I am meant to be helping people create their visions, achieve their dreams and believe in themselves. 
  • I am meant to give people the tools to hear the wisdom of their souls.
  • I am meant to show people that they CAN go to where their spirits run free.
“Rivers belong where they can ramble.
Eagles belong where they can fly.
I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free.
Got to find my corner of the sky.”
You can hear a lovely version of this song here:
To be surrounded by such an amazing group of kindred spirits when I received this message was simply overwhelming. By embracing the moment, I was able to really understand the message.
Had I squashed the emotion, I’d have limited it’s affect on me. The effect is to come back today and embrace my business to help other’s achieve their dreams in a soul-filled way. I was able to step back, have the moment, enjoy the energy of the group and rejoin them when it passed.
What was the last ‘moment’ of happy overwhelm that you had? Think about it and journal on it, if you’d like as that will give you great clarity of what message your soul is trying to communicate to you!

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