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Soul-Wise Living

Prayer and Meditation ~ Asking & Listening

Individuals and families will be celebrating Passover and Easter this week and still others will celebrate their spirituality in other ways. 

 Praying is talking and asking for divine assistance in our lives. It is putting out their our deepest desires as well as our vulnerabilities.

Many of us forget the next parts of the equation to follow: Listening for answers and acting upon that information. Meditation is the act of listening. It’s about calming your center and allowing guidance from the Universe to seep into your soul. How you use this information is action. What will you do to follow the advice given you. That action is what leads to our happiness and fulfillment.

So, the formula becomes a simple one: Ask, Listen, Act.

As you celebrate your religions, spirituality or simply life this week, How can you use this simple formula Ask, Listen, Act? What do you think you will receive?

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