Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Personal Freedom: From our own thoughts ~ It matters too!

  Everyone fights for independence in their own way, everyday. Each one of us searches for clarity and freedom in our thoughts. By doing so, we can move forward with purpose and passion. It’s harder than it sounds though!

Our own ego wages war against us…it battles with us to win ~ to stay in control and to squash our independence! Our ego is the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other that tell us what to do. It’s our mind playing games with us that decrease our effectiveness and our success.  This mind speaks to us and creates the scripts of our inner-talk. These scripts are not objective. They are made from our mistakes. They are made from our fears. And, they are made from other’s telling us what is best for us! These scripts blind us from doing the compassinate and loving things that we desire for ourselves and other’s. By listening to our scripts, we are limited and dependent and our freedom is diminished.
When we can tame these scripts, learn to counter them objectively, we develop new skills of listening to our own inner wisdom. When we do this, we live more authentically and with more freedom.  It is from this place taht we are inspired to do what is right for us and the fire within us is ignited. We mover forward along our passionate paths. (I bet Paul Revere rode listening to his inner wisdom!) When we do this well, it allows for the good of all as you are living the life you are meant to be and other’s can only benefit from this place. This is what Soul-Wise Living is!

This is where true personal freedom comes from. It comes from celebrating with spirit that does not depend on our own ego. And, this is the greatest way to live freely! 

What do you do to tame the inner-self-talk and scripts and listen to your inner wisdom?

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