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Passion & Profits CAN go hand in hand!

Passion is important to living a joy-filled life. It comes in so many shapes and sizes, flavors and colors.  Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. It is an intense enthusiasm or desire for something. There is passion for other’s:  “The Love of My Life”; “My children are my life” And there is passion for purpose where it often represents an eager interest or admiration for a cause or activity.

In these tumultuous times, passion can be hard to follow let alone find. But, in these tumultuous times, it is more important than ever to find yours so that you don’t just survive through them but you thrive within them. This takes effort and deep inner work.  A beginning step that I often recommend to my clients is to take The Passion Test. And, The Passion Test simplifies the process and is a powerful way to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you. You can do it online or buy the book. You can also work with a Passion Test Facilitator ~ my personal preference. I always believe that compassionate coaching helps clear some blockages you have when undertaking a process like this. There are several facilitators that help you through your ‘test’.  One such facilitator is Sharon Pannone who I know personally to be as passionate about helping you with your passion as you are! You can find her online at

Many of my clients know what their life purpose is deep inside of them. They need support like the Passion Test and coaching of their soul to eek it out of them. And, Soul-Wise Living works through a system of holistic approaches that help support find this out and support it once they do.

But, once they find their purpose, clients ask whether they can align this Passion and Purpose with work. I answer with a RESOUNDING Yes ~ if they want to. And more and more women around the world ARE asking just the same thing of themselves. Do I want to start a business ~ part time or full~ based on my purpose?

IF you are questioning whether you can take your “Passion into Profits” (that is use them in work or a solo-business) or know someone who is, I have just the inspirational and educational resource for them. It’s a small but informational packed book about some women who have done just that. It describes why they did it, the obstacles they have overcome, what it takes to run their business, and the lifestyle they now lead. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it gives many lessons learned and simple advice for those thinking about or beginning their pursuit of this dream.

I know personally and ‘electronically’ many of the women in this book. They are steadfast in their faith and desire in what their businesses can do for others. And, yes, they are ordinary women who have husbands and children and busy lives outside of their work and have made ‘it’ happen! How Ordinary Women Built Extraordinary Online Businesses Doing What They Love is a work of love by its author Teresa Henry. Her dedication is just one of those stories about women succeeding and accomplishing goals when they put their minds to something!

(And, yes, as a disclaimer I am one of those entrepreneurial women whose story resides inside this book’s cover. And, no, I receive nothing other than joy of sharing my story for any of its sales.)

Do you know your Passion? What ways can living a soul-filled life help support this?


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