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My dog is lost but my heart is full

An Open Letter to My Community….

Did you notice? I did not get my weekly ezine or blog out. If you were trying to get in touch with me over the last week, I’m most certain you have not heard back from me and, for this, I most humbly apologize. I took an emergency leave from all soul wise work ~ except delving into my own embracing of spirit. Let me explain.

Some of you who follow me on social media may already now this. Last Friday evening, as we often do, my husband was having dinner at one end of the state with his Mom and I at the other end with my dad. On his drive home, Michael was in a car accident on the interstate. He rolled, shattered all the windows and totaled his car escaping with only a few bruises and a stiff neck. For this, we are feeling so very blessed. However, Our 10 year old black lab, Tarsi, also escaped and ran into the woods and is still missing.

I’m writing today to let you know three things:

I will be back in the office as I can working with clients and supporting you and balancing my total commitment to the search to re-unite with Tarsi. Please note, it may take more than a moment to get back to you when you reach out during this time.

My heart is so very, very, very full – not broken at this time of challenge. It is because of the overwhelming support from family, friends, clients and total strangers. There is now a team “The Tarsi Rescue Team” put together of their own accord. People are posting flyers and doing ground searches for our little girl~ most of whom I have never met before. Indeed, today we have bloodhounds coming in tracking the woods and community for her. I am, truly, in awe of this unconditional love and support for this sweet girl and my family. There is an Energetic Team of earthly angels as well. Those who are holding sacred space for the best possible outcome.

My heart is so very full because of my complete faith in the best possible outcome. I am so grateful for having taken a spiritual journey in my life. I know… in my head, in my emotions, in my physical body and, mostly, from my innate wisdom, my soul, that Tarsi will be found. I’ve been able to stay in faith of this. I’ve been able to ward off other’s fears and worries and only embrace those vibrations from people of high expectations of the best possible outcome.

I love that I am the supporter and champion for you and am humbled now to receive back the energy of faith & staying in positive expectations from so many. Thank you for being a member of my community – if you’ve been with me for a long time or if, indeed, you have just joined, know that I am forever grateful for your belief in Soul Wise Living- of being able to endure times like these of great challenge with faith and a full heart and of finding Joy and Love each and every day in all that you do.

With My love,


Update: Tarsi was discovered near the accident site 8 days later. We believe she had been gone for several days. She was such a sweet dog, always kind and loving and full of such canine wisdom.  We are grateful to have found her, to have closure and to go from being concerned over her welfare to celebrating her amazing spirit.

My family is astounded by the outpouring of love, thoughts and prayers as well as active support of volunteers. It is a testament to Tarsi’s spirit that she brought communities close and far together. She brought such joy to our lives and, we are hopeful that that joy and spirit touch each person who sent her love and light after the accident.

If you are local to us: Please support other dogs who need to find their way home:

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