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What Does your Soul Want You to Know

Really, what does your soul want you to know? The answer is simple ~ Your Soul Wants you to know: The Truth. That’s all. It wants you to know the Truth and it will always, always, always tell you that! You may not like what it has to say. You may bust for Joy at it’s inspiration. You may wonder how to find the courage to follow it’s wisdom. But, it wants you to know the truth.

So how do you Listen To what Our Soul wants you to know with all the noise in and around you?

It takes tools and techniques and tricks and tips to quiet the inner chatter of self-doubt and to still the mind from listening to what everyone else around you has to say. I believe in using a variety of tools to allow the whispers of your soul to become louder and louder so that it erases all doubt. 

soul_TruthThat’s why I am so crazy excited that Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck came up with the idea for 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul, a book filled with over 400 pages of positive, loving energy! This special book contains one tip for each day of the year and the contributing authors all came together to share how we connect with our own souls with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well.

I was deeply honored to be invited to participate in this project with over 200 writers from around the world, and after months of hard work, I am happy to say it’s a #1 Amazon Best Seller!!! Whoo hoo!

So many amazing insights on ways to discover what your Soul Wants you to know in this book and I share 3 Specific Techniques ~ Using Doodling, Creating a Personal Mudra and my favorite Dream Technique. All of these are tools to access your inner wisdom and hear your soul’s truth! Many of my clients have used these techniques to discover exactly for them and you what Does Your Soul Want You To Know?

Discover how Using Doodling, Creating a Personal Mudra help access your inner wisdom and hear your own #truth! Share on X


Your soul is your lifeline to the universe so I hope you will grab a copy of the book and read about some of the other ways that I connect with my soul. And, with the holidays just around the corner, why not grab one for someone you love too (5% of all profits will go to the Jane Goodall Institute ~ which, as a dog and animal lover ~ is close to my heart!) 

To learn more about the book and purchase your copy, please click here. And discover what others are saying and sharing about this Book. Connect to my wonderful co-author Cindi Chavez: The Love and Magic Coach <here>

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