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Soul-Wise Living

May the Longtime Sunshine On YOU!

I’ve been waking up with songs in my head recently. I woke up with a very precious one in my head. It’s a ’round’ that I used to sign at camp. And, I’m reminded what the words really mean when I wake up and hear them in the morning.
We all love sun for obvious reasons. It IS the quintessential fire element that represents our spirit. It represents that part of us that is deep within that nurtures, supports and fuels us. It’s what we DO or ‘should’ do when we follow it.
Love is a cherished desire by each and everyone of us. Indeed, we all deserve to have it. And, it comes in all forms from a baby’s giggle and adoring eyes looking at us to holidng hands with a grandparent to everything in between.
Clear Light is within us ~ it IS our Soul It’s inner wisdom when listeend to and followed makes the amazing decsiions for all of us in our lives that REAP a life filled with true happiness, joy and abundance.
The group I was with this week came together in sacred space and shined a very special beam of radiant bright amazing light. A room filled with 300+ from all over the world with different ambitions but ONE heart. When this group was asked to GIVE and GIVE from a place of LIGHT and LOVE. We did. In such a very BIG way raising in less than an hour $125,000 forthe Unstoppable Foundation to build not one but FIVE schools in Africa. wow ~ that IS LIGHT!
It filled me with hope, desires, and dreams for allAnd re~ignited my inner dream. I understand that it is essential for all of us to embrace life to it’s fullest and have FAITH that one can do whatever it takes to REAP success and shine our own light on the world ~ for YOUR light is needed!
It is no coincidence that I AWOKE up with this particular song in my head the morning following this VIBRANT LIGHT in the room. For, indeed,  it was my soul whispering to me my sincere and deepest desire for you:
May the Longtime Sun Shine on You
All Love Surround You
And the clear Light within you Guide your way on.

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